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About Tikbuzz

We at Tikbuzz believe whole heartedly in live music, theatre and sports so we've created a website where you can buy any event ticket at the best comparable price. How simple is that?

Why waste time sifting through the endless list of individual ticket sites to find your tickets? Well, now you don't have to. We are doing the leg work for you by partnering with all the major ticket sites, even Ebay, so that when you search for an event all available tickets will be listed at the lowest possible price in seconds!

We are a small team with big ambitions. Founded in 2011 by Shashank Garg and in 2012 seed funded and become part of Pillar Software Group, we have worked tirelessly to launch our brand new website, with improved search engine technology, so that you don't miss out on the best ticket deals.

To stay in touch with the latest news and ticket releases, we recommend you follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We update our social media channels on a daily basis to ensure our fans are always clued up on upcoming tour dates and ticket pre sales. We will also be giving away some amazing prizes in our competitions so don't miss out!

Put simply, we are starting a ticket revolution. You no longer need to miss out over high prices or limited vendors, and with our weekly newsletter you'll never fail to make a ticket release date again. Don't get sucked into the never ending war over price and availability, use TikBuzz and guarantee your place at the best night of your life.

What are you waiting for? Go search!


David Penny - (CEO, Pillar Software Group)

David is the CEO of Pillar Software Group, a group of companies which provide mutual support and services to a wide range of clients, of which TikBuzz is a part. He also sits on the Board of Directors and provides valuable advice and insight drawn from his extensive experience within the technology sector.

As well as Pillar Software Group, David manages Pillar Software Ltd, is a published author and has previously worked as a science technician. He is currently working on a historical detective novel set in Spain.

Andrew Harwood - (CFO, Pillar Software Group)

Andrew is the Group Chief Financial Officer, responsible for the financial and commercial governance. He holds 27 years of experience in this field and was the former Divisional Financial Director for Capita Group PLC and EIDOS PLC.

Through TikBuzz, Andrew hopes to develop a fast growth, hi-tech business that brings tremendous value to all its customers and naturally becomes the service of choice for the industry. As a passionate musician, music producer and nightclub DJ, music is very important to Andrew and he knows first-hand the frustrations of ticket touting...

Colin Campbell - (Marketing Head, Pillar Software Group)

Colin is a sales and marketing expert and sits on the Board of Directors. He has 30 years of experience working on the leading edge of technology and heads up Mobile App Town and Colin Campbell Consulting, a performance improvement consultancy specialising in Guerrilla Marketing.

A true believer in business advancement through the combination of technology and applied psychology, Colin has received International recognition for his work and been featured in the Jay Conrad Levinson book, "Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines".

Shashank Garg - (Director /Founder TikBuzz)

Shashank is the Founder of TikBuzz and sits on the Board of Directors. He holds 15 years of experience within web and project development, and has previously worked for blue chip companies such as Vodafone, PwC, Capita, Thomson Travel and British Airways.

The idea behind TikBuzz was conceived in 2010 when Shashank bought a couple of spare cricket tickets and resold them. His dream is to create a service that genuinely benefits fans in securing the best event tickets at competitive prices. An active sportsman himself, Shashank plays for his local cricket club and is always keeping an eye on the sports news...

Karthik Murugan - (Technical Consultant)

Karthik is a valued technical consultant and brings to the team 9 years of developing desktop, web and mobile apps. He has experience in developing numerous social websites by consuming real-time Twitter APIs.

With TikBuzz, Karthik wants to develop a powerful ticket search engine and an API ecosystem around it, and embraces the challenge it sets of having to aggregate tickets from various suppliers and delivering search results in microseconds. As well as playing basketball, hacking is his biggest hobby.

Catalyst Social Media Ltd

Catalyst Social Media Ltd is responsible for TikBuzz' social media presence - creating written content, maintaining activity and overseeing campaigns. This young and ambitious consultancy is based in Bath, Somerset, but operates across the South West. Catalyst is a strong believer in establishing a business' place in the market through an effective and well-coordinated online voice.

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